Kampanj Hunawihr

Riesling Rosacker Grand Cru 6x75 cl 13.0%

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Indulge in the captivating allure of Cave Vinicole De Hunawihr, an exceptional dry white wine hailing from the renowned Alsace region of France. Ready to enchant your palate, this wine presents a sweetness level of 9 g/l, perfectly balancing its richness and complexity to create a harmonious and delightful experience.

A symphony of aromas awaits as you uncork this masterpiece. Dive into the intriguing interplay of cherries, exotic spices, delicate almond, and the soothing essence of vanilla. These elements blend seamlessly to create an aroma that is both rich and intricate, inviting you to savor every moment.

Crafted from a blend of Corvina Veronese, Corvinone, Rondinella, and Cabernet grapes, this wine embodies full-bodied opulence. The velvety texture wraps around your palate, delivering a lush fruitiness accompanied by soft tannins. The lingering aftertaste unveils nuanced notes of dried fruit and sweet spices, leaving a lasting impression of indulgence.

As you explore its taste, you’ll encounter the complexity and elegance that make this wine truly exceptional. Lively notes of white peaches and green apples dance on your palate, accompanied by a subtle hint of floral undertones. The wine’s character is further enhanced by its crisp acidity, creating a refreshing and balanced finish that will leave you craving for more.

Cave Vinicole De Hunawihr Riesling Grand Cru Rosacker is a wine that pairs seamlessly with a variety of dishes. Whether you’re enjoying poultry, seafood, crustaceans, or the vibrant flavors of Asian cuisine, this wine effortlessly complements the culinary experience, enhancing every bite.

Embark on a journey to Alsace’s esteemed vineyards with Kuhlmann Platz Riesling Grand Cru Rosacker. Every sip encapsulates the terroir and finesse that make Alsace wines truly exceptional. Elevate your wine-drinking moments with this exquisite white wine, a testament to the expertise and dedication of Cave Vinicole De Hunawihr.

Druva: Riesling
Vinregion: Alsace
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Storlek450 cl
Alkoholhalt13.0 %
Totalt103.5 €1 150,00 SEK