Gato Negro

Cabernet Sauvignon BIB 300 cl 13.0%

221,11  SEK19,90 1L / 6,63 €

Introducing Gato Negro, a medium-bodied Chilean gem hailing from the Central Valley, a testament to craftsmanship and taste. This ready-to-drink red wine, with a sweetness level of 5 g/l, embodies a world of flavors waiting to be explored.

The initial encounter with Gato Negro is a sensory delight. The nose is met with a strong yet delicate attack, invoking an airy sensation that hints at the exceptional journey ahead. Behold a deep ruby-red hue, a prelude to the enchanting aroma of strawberries and chocolate that captivates the senses. This dry wine, a blend of 90% Pinot Noir and 10% Chardonnay, harmoniously marries the best of both varietals to create a symphony of taste.

As you indulge, Gato Negro unfolds on the palate with a silky texture that embraces the young fruit essence, accompanied by notes of citrus and stone fruits such as quince and yellow plums. Each sip delivers the nuanced flavors of strawberries and chocolate, leaving an exquisite impression on the taste buds. This bold and elegant wine boasts a medium body, leading to a soft, lingering finish that completes the experience.

Gato Negro’s legacy is rooted in the heartwarming story of a black cat who stood by our first winemaker, becoming the embodiment of joy and companionship. Just like its feline muse, Gato Negro wines are crafted to delight, offering exceptional taste at an unbeatable price point. Renowned for being a mark of ”Good Value,” Gato Negro consistently delivers quality and flavor that captures the essence of its origin in each and every bottle. Elevate your dining moments with Gato Negro, the wine that promises a journey of flavors and memories.

Druva: Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah
Vinregion: Central Valley
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Storlek300 cl
Alkoholhalt13.0 %
Totalt19.9 €221,11 SEK