EESTI Praline Candy 500 g

9,90 1kg / 19,80 €

Kalev EESTI Praline Candy is a delicious confectionery treat that represents the essence of Estonian confectionery craftsmanship. Produced by Kalev, a renowned Estonian chocolate brand, these praline candies offer a delightful and indulgent taste experience.

The EESTI Praline Candy assortment showcases the expertise of Kalev in creating exquisite pralines. Each candy features a delicate outer chocolate shell that encases a rich and creamy filling. The assortment may include a variety of flavors, such as hazelnut, almond, nougat, or other delectable combinations.

These praline candies are carefully crafted using high-quality ingredients to ensure a velvety texture and a burst of flavor with each bite. The combination of the smooth chocolate shell and the luscious filling creates a harmonious taste sensation.

The EESTI Praline Candy is a perfect treat for chocolate lovers or anyone seeking an indulgent confectionery experience. Whether enjoyed as a personal treat, shared with loved ones, or gifted to someone special, these praline candies are sure to delight and satisfy.

Experience the pleasure and richness of Kalev EESTI Praline Candy and let the exquisite flavors and textures transport your taste buds to a world of pure indulgence. Each bite is a celebration of Kalev’s dedication to creating exceptional chocolate delights that represent the finest confectionery traditions of Estonia.

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Koko500 g
AineksetSokeri, cashewpähkinä 22%, kasvirasva (palmu, palmuydinöljy), täysmaitojauhe, kaakaomassa, kaakaovoi, herajauhe (maito), emulgointiaine (lesitiini), vanilliini. Suklaa min. 26%. Ei säilöntäaineita. Saattaa sisältää pieniä määriä pähkinöitä, maapähkinöitä, gluteenia sisältäviä viljoja ja munatuotteita.
Yhteensä9.9 €