Fresh Mint Travel Pack 270 g

7,90 1kg / 29,26 €

Take the refreshing and minty flavor of Jenkki Fresh Mint chewing gum with you wherever you go with the convenient Travel Pack. This compact pack ensures that you can enjoy the invigorating taste of Jenkki Fresh Mint gum anytime, anywhere, providing a burst of freshness whenever you need it.

Each piece of Jenkki Fresh Mint gum is infused with the cool and revitalizing flavor of mint. The crisp and refreshing taste instantly freshens your breath, giving you a renewed sense of confidence. Whether you’re on a long journey, in a meeting, or out running errands, the Travel Pack ensures that you can enjoy the cooling sensation of Jenkki Fresh Mint gum on demand.

Jenkki is renowned for its commitment to quality, and Jenkki Fresh Mint gum is no exception. Made with premium ingredients, this gum delivers a long-lasting flavor that remains satisfying throughout every chew. The Travel Pack contains multiple pieces of gum, offering you an ample supply to keep your breath fresh and minty throughout the day.

The compact size of the Travel Pack makes it easy to carry in your pocket, purse, or bag, allowing you to have fresh breath at your fingertips. Whether you need a quick breath freshener, a moment of oral care, or simply want to enjoy the refreshing taste of mint, Jenkki Fresh Mint gum in the Travel Pack is the perfect companion for your on-the-go lifestyle.

Experience the invigorating and revitalizing flavor of Jenkki Fresh Mint chewing gum with the convenience of the Travel Pack. Enjoy the fresh breath and confidence that comes with every chew, and keep your breath feeling minty fresh no matter where your adventures take you.

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Koko270 g
Aineksetmakeutusainetta (ksylitolia 68% kokonaispainosta), purukumin perusmassaa, aromeja, stabilointiaineita (arabikumia, glyserolia), väriä (E171), pintakäsittelyainetta (karnaubavahaa), aromivahvennetta (E950).
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