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Nero D'Avola Rosato Organic 12x18,7 cl 12.0%

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Discover the allure of Barone Montalto Nero D’Avola Rosato Organic, a dry rosé wine that captures the essence of Sicily’s terroir. Crafted for immediate enjoyment, this ready-to-drink gem boasts a sweetness level of 6.8 g/l, offering a harmonious balance between crispness and a lush display of fruity aromas.

Adorned in a deep salmon hue, this wine’s bouquet is a symphony of floral and fruity notes. Experience the captivating embrace of peach, strawberry, and cherry, a sensory journey that echoes the soul of Sicily.

Grapes, meticulously selected for their authenticity, culminate in this vibrant composition. Nero d’Avola, a grape emblematic of the region, lends its distinctive character to the blend. The result is a marriage of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and Meunier that evokes a balance between richness and mineral crispness. The influence of Pinot Noirs and Meuniers from the West side of Montagne de Reims, harmonized with the crispness of Chardonnays from the Côte de Blancs, creates a wine that resonates with complexity and depth.

Elevate your dining experience with this rosé, a perfect match for appetizers, poultry, salads, and cheeses. Its well-structured palate, persistent character, and clean finish make it an ideal aperitif companion.

Barone Montalto stands as a beacon of Sicilian winemaking, producing wines that epitomize the marriage of tradition and modernity. With a commitment to preserving the natural essence of varietals during vinification, each bottle encapsulates the rich heritage of Sicilian viticulture. Embrace the legacy within every sip, for in Montalto’s wines, the spirit of Sicily thrives.

Rypäle: Nero D’Avola
Alue: Sicily
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