Kampanj Saaremaa

Gin 4x50 cl 37.5%

472,22  SEKOrdinarie pris42,51  Det ursprungliga priset var: 42,51 €.Det nuvarande priset är: 42,50 €.1L / 21,25 €

Saaremaa Gin is a premium gin that captures the essence of the idyllic Saaremaa island in Estonia. Distilled with a carefully selected blend of botanicals, including juniper berries, citrus peel, and various herbs, this gin offers a balanced and complex flavor profile.

The unique terroir of Saaremaa, with its pristine nature and maritime climate, lends a distinct character to the gin. Each sip reveals a harmonious combination of traditional gin flavors with a touch of the island’s essence. The smooth and aromatic nature of Saaremaa Gin makes it a delightful choice for gin enthusiasts and cocktail lovers alike.

Whether enjoyed in classic cocktails like the gin and tonic or savored neat over ice, Saaremaa Gin invites you to experience the spirit of Saaremaa and indulge in a moment of pure enjoyment. Elevate your libations with the exceptional quality and craftsmanship of Saaremaa Gin.

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Storlek200 cl
Alkoholhalt37.5 %
Totalt42.5 €472,22 SEK