Rosé 75 cl 12.0%

165,56  SEK14,90 1L / 19,87 €

Introducing Pongrácz Rosé, a sparkling wine that embodies the vibrant spirit of South Africa’s Western Cape. With a sweetness level of 9 g/l, this ready-to-drink delight is a symphony of flavors that will captivate your senses.

Elevate your palate with the distinct citrus notes and youthful exuberance that define Pongrácz Rosé. A fresh and invigorating profile reminiscent of spring blooms sets the stage for a remarkable tasting experience.

Indulge in textured moments of cream elevated by the enchanting presence of red fruits and ripe berries. The fusion of Loureiro, Trajadura, Pedernã, and Azal grapes with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay lends this wine a bright and balanced character. Revel in the medley of citrus fruits, complemented by delicate hints of pear and white flowers. Discover the lively dance of lime and pineapple notes that add a touch of tropical allure.

Unlock a complex symphony of flavors as the wine graces your palate. Toasted bread and yeast intertwine harmoniously with the indulgence of ripe, mature fruit, notably blackberry. The fine bubbles create a luxurious foamy mouthfeel that enhances every sip.

Pongrácz Rosé is the ideal companion for an array of culinary delights, from appetizers and seafood to salads and cheese. This wine is meticulously crafted, undergoing a two-year lees aging process followed by traditional ’remuage’ and ’dégorgement’ techniques. Afterward, the bottles rest in a cool cellar for an additional 2-4 months, ensuring a refined and balanced expression.

This sparkling gem stands as a testament to South Africa’s ascent as a New World titan in the realm of fine wines. Pongrácz Rosé encapsulates the region’s unique terroir, offering a harmonious fusion of flavors that celebrate its emergence onto the global stage.

Druva: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay
Vinregion: Western Cape
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Storlek75 cl
Alkoholhalt12.0 %
ProdukttypAndra mousserande viner
Totalt14.9 €165,56 SEK