Vanilla 70 cl 37.5%

265,56  SEK23,90 1L / 34,14 €

Koskenkorva Vanilla is a delightful and unique vodka that is made from high-quality Finnish barley and blended with natural vanilla. This combination creates a perfect balance between fresh and creamy flavors, offering an enjoyable drinking experience.

The purity and smooth texture are characteristic of the Koskenkorva brand, and the addition of vanilla provides a special touch. You can expect a delicious vanilla taste delicately blended with the vodka’s neutral undertones, highlighting both flavors perfectly.

Koskenkorva Vanilla is excellent for enjoying neat or for creating various cocktails. It brings out its flavor nuances and offers a pleasant sweet aroma, providing enjoyment during relaxing moments or social gatherings.

Discover the vanilla adventure of Koskenkorva Vanilla and indulge in the rich flavors of this unique vodka. Whether you choose to enjoy it in the company of others or during a quiet evening at home, Koskenkorva Vanilla vodka takes you on a flavor journey that offers pleasant experiences and enjoyment.

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Storlek70 cl
Alkoholhalt37.5 %
Totalt23.9 €265,56 SEK