Sauna Barrel 100 cl 37.5%

265,56  SEK23,90 1L / 23,90 €

Koskenkorva Vodka Sauna Barrel is a special edition vodka that pays homage to the beloved Finnish tradition of sauna. This unique vodka is crafted using the finest Finnish barley and pure spring water, and it is then aged in genuine Finnish oak sauna barrels. The aging process in these barrels imparts a subtle and distinct character to the vodka, reminiscent of the aromas and flavors associated with the sauna.

The result is a smooth and rich vodka with hints of oak, smoke, and a touch of sweetness. Koskenkorva Vodka Sauna Barrel captures the essence of Finnish culture and offers a truly authentic taste experience.

Enjoy this exceptional vodka neat, on the rocks, or in your favorite cocktails. The Sauna Barrel edition adds an extra layer of depth and complexity to the classic Koskenkorva Vodka, making it a must-try for vodka enthusiasts and those seeking a unique flavor journey.

Ljusgul, ganska torr, mjuk, något tjärig, svaga eukalyptustoner, ekig
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Storlek100 cl
Alkoholhalt37.5 %
ProdukttypSmaksatt vodka
Totalt23.9 €265,56 SEK