Original Long Drink Strong 24x33 cl 7.5%

365,56  SEK32,90 1L / 4,15 €

Hartwall Original Long Drink Strong 7.5% is a bold and spirited beverage that packs a punch with its higher alcohol content. Crafted by Hartwall, a renowned Finnish beverage company, this strong variant of the original long drink offers a more intense and robust flavor profile.

With an alcohol content of 7.5%, this drink delivers a stronger and more pronounced kick compared to the standard versions. It is perfect for those who enjoy a bolder and more invigorating drinking experience.

Hartwall Original Long Drink Strong 7.5% retains the same refreshing and balanced qualities as its counterparts but with a higher alcohol content. It combines the crispness of citrus with a hint of bitterness, creating a harmonious and satisfying flavor profile.

This strong long drink is best enjoyed chilled and savored responsibly. It provides a delightful option for those seeking a more intense and spirited beverage for special occasions or moments of indulgence.

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Storlek792 cl
Alkoholhalt7.5 %
ProdukttypLong Drink
Totalt32.9 €365,56 SEK