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Original Long Drink Pineapple 24x33 cl 5.5%

298,89  SEKOrdinarie pris26,91  26,90 1L / 3,40 €

Hartwall Original Long Drink Pineapple is a tropical delight that brings a taste of the exotic to your glass. Crafted by Hartwall, a renowned Finnish beverage company, this drink is designed to transport you to a sunny paradise with its vibrant pineapple flavor.

Featuring the refreshing and sweet essence of juicy pineapples, Hartwall Original Long Drink Pineapple offers a tropical escape with every sip. The natural sweetness of the pineapple is perfectly balanced, providing a delightful burst of fruity flavor that is both invigorating and satisfying.

Enjoy this tropical indulgence on its own as a refreshing thirst quencher, or pair it with your favorite summertime dishes or snacks. Whether you’re relaxing by the pool or enjoying a beach picnic, Hartwall Original Long Drink Pineapple is the perfect companion to brighten up your day.

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Storlek792 cl
Alkoholhalt5.5 %
ProdukttypLong Drink
Totalt26.9 €298,89 SEK