Kampanj Gancia

Rose Brut 6x75 cl 11.0%

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The allure of Gancia Rosé Brut, a delightful Italian sparkling wine hailing from the heart of Piemonte. This wine captures the essence of celebration with its invigorating character and harmonious flavors.

Crafted for immediate enjoyment, Gancia Rosé Brut is a dry sparkling wine with a sweetness level of 10 g/l. Its effervescence is a testament to its freshness, while the aroma presents a captivating fusion of fruity and floral notes, reminiscent of a blooming garden.

Gancia Rosé Brut boasts a wide and intense aroma profile that includes enchanting hints of roses, berries, and cherries. Crafted from a blend of different grapes, this wine offers a soft, fresh, and fruity taste. Its completeness and elegance shine through as it unfolds on the palate with a harmonious dryness. The lingering aftertaste leaves impressions of delicate flowers and succulent plums. Pair it with appetizers, seafood, or fish to elevate your dining experience.

Druva: Blend of different grapes
Vinregion: Piemonte
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Storlek450 cl
Alkoholhalt11.0 %