Pantteri Original Candy Bag 500 g

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Indulge your taste buds in the delightful world of Fazer Pantteri Original Candy Bag. This candy bag is a delightful assortment of mouthwatering treats that will satisfy your sweet cravings and leave you wanting more. Crafted with utmost care and attention to detail by Fazer, a renowned confectionery brand, Pantteri Original candies are loved by candy enthusiasts of all ages.

Inside each bag, you’ll find a tempting variety of chewy and flavorful candies. The Pantteri Original assortment features a combination of fruit-flavored licorice and soft gum candies, offering a delightful blend of textures and tastes. Every candy is expertly made using high-quality ingredients to ensure a truly enjoyable snacking experience.

The licorice candies in the Pantteri Original Candy Bag are bursting with fruity flavors that will awaken your taste buds. From tangy raspberry to juicy strawberry, each piece is infused with a bold and authentic fruit taste. The soft gum candies complement the licorice with their chewy texture and a range of mouthwatering flavors like sweet orange, zesty lemon, and refreshing blackcurrant.

The Fazer Pantteri Original Candy Bag is perfect for sharing with friends and family or enjoying as a personal treat. It’s ideal for parties, movie nights, road trips, or simply when you desire a flavorful and chewy indulgence. The resealable bag ensures that the candies stay fresh, allowing you to enjoy them whenever and wherever you please.

So go ahead, open a bag of Fazer Pantteri Original Candy and experience a burst of fruity goodness. Let the combination of licorice and gum candies tantalize your taste buds and transport you to a world of delectable delights. Enjoy the irresistible flavors and addictive chewiness of these beloved treats, brought to you by Fazer, a trusted name in confectionery for over a century.

Note: Please check the packaging for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding ingredients and allergens.

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Storlek500 g
InnehållSocker, glukossirap, modifierad potatisstärkelse, gelatin, VETEmjöl, lakritsextrakt, ammoniumklorid (salmiak), naturlig arom, färgämne (E153).
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