Elizabeth Arden

8 Hour Cream Skin Protection Cream 50 ml

310,00  SEK27,90 1L / 558,00 €

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant is a legendary and multi-purpose skincare essential that has earned its place in the purses of beauty editors and makeup artists worldwide.

This award-winning cream, created by Ms. Arden herself, is celebrated for its remarkable versatility and effectiveness. It provides a soothing and protective shield for your skin, offering up to eight hours of hydration and relief. Not only does it moisturize, but it can also be used to shape brows, restore shine to your skin, and smooth cuticles.

With its time-tested formula, this skin protectant has become an iconic product in the beauty industry. Elevate your skincare routine with Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream Skin Protectant and experience the legendary benefits that have made it a staple in the beauty world.

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Storlek50 ml
Totalt27.9 €310,00 SEK