Raspberri 100 cl 38.0%

287,78  SEK25,90 1L / 25,90 €

Absolut Raspberri is a flavored vodka from the Absolut brand, known for its wide range of flavored vodkas. As the name suggests, Absolut Raspberri infuses the classic Absolut vodka with the vibrant and juicy flavor of raspberries.

Absolut Raspberri is made using Absolut’s high-quality vodka as a base, which is then infused with natural raspberry flavors. This infusion process captures the essence of raspberries, resulting in a vodka with a bright and fruity taste.

The flavor profile of Absolut Raspberri is characterized by its sweet and tangy raspberry notes. It offers a balance between the sweetness and tartness of raspberries, delivering a luscious and refreshing flavor experience.

Absolut Raspberri can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. It can be used as a base spirit in cocktails that call for a berry twist, such as the Raspberry Martini or the Raspberry Collins. It can also be mixed with soda water or lemon-lime soda to create a refreshing and fruity long drink.

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Storlek100 cl
Alkoholhalt38.0 %
ProdukttypSmaksatt vodka
Totalt25.9 €287,78 SEK