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Vinho Verde 6x75 cl 11.5%

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Embark on a delightful journey to the Vinho Verde region of Portugal with Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde, a white wine that captures the essence of this renowned winegrowing region. Crafted with precision and passion, this exceptional blend showcases the harmonious combination of Arinto, Azal, and Trajadura grapes.

With a sweetness level of 8,700, Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde invites you to indulge in its refreshing aromas. Experience the invigorating scent of fresh, green apple that fills the air, enticing your senses with its crisp and vibrant notes. Each inhalation immerses you in the essence of the vineyards, capturing the natural beauty of Vinho Verde.

On the palate, this wine unveils a delightful balance of flavors. Enjoy the interplay of salty minerality, lemon, and grapefruit that dance on your taste buds, creating a tantalizing experience. The wine’s dry character adds a touch of elegance, while the refreshing acidity brings vibrancy to every sip. Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde is the epitome of a well-balanced and satisfying white wine.

Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde has received recognition for its exceptional quality. It has been awarded the Wine & Spirits Best Buy – Year’s Best Vinho Verde, the Asia Wine Trophy – Gold Medal, and the Berlin Wine Trophy – Gold Medal. These accolades attest to the excellence and craftsmanship behind each bottle.

The story of this wine is one of dedication and tradition. Quinta da Raza meticulously selects the finest grapes, Arinto, Azal, and Trajadura, and combines them with meticulous winemaking techniques. The result is a wine that embodies the true spirit of the Vinho Verde region.

Experience the versatility of Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde. It pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes, including appetizers, fish, salads, and Asian cuisine. Let the wine elevate your dining experiences, enhancing the flavors of your favorite dishes and creating moments of pure enjoyment.

Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde is an invitation to discover the beauty and vibrancy of Portugal’s Vinho Verde region. With its dry character, refreshing profile, and exceptional taste, it promises to transport you to the sun-kissed vineyards of this renowned winegrowing region.

Unleash your taste for adventure with Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde, a white wine that captures the essence of Vinho Verde in every bottle. Enjoy its fresh aromas, enticing flavors, and accolade-worthy quality. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual meal, Quinta da Raza Vinho Verde is the perfect companion for your wine-loving journey.

Rypäle: Arinto 50%, Azal 35%, Trajadura 15%
Alue: Vinho verde
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