Mjölkchoklad 3x250 g

8,90 1kg / 11,87 €

Marabou Mint Chocolate is a delicious treat that combines the smooth and creamy taste of Marabou milk chocolate with a refreshing hint of mint flavor. Each bite offers a perfect balance of rich chocolate and cool, invigorating mint.

The Marabou brand is known for its high-quality chocolate products, and the Mint Chocolate is no exception. It is made with premium ingredients and crafted with expertise to ensure a satisfying and indulgent chocolate experience.

The smooth texture of the milk chocolate melts in your mouth, while the refreshing mint flavor adds a delightful twist to the classic chocolate taste. Whether you enjoy it as a personal treat or share it with others, Marabou Mint Chocolate is sure to please chocolate and mint lovers alike.

The iconic Marabou packaging, featuring the blue wrapper with the Marabou logo, adds to the appeal of this delicious chocolate. It is a perfect choice for enjoying during a break, as an after-dinner treat, or as a gift for someone special.

Indulge in the smooth and refreshing taste of Marabou Mint Chocolate and experience the combination of rich chocolate and refreshing mint that will satisfy your cravings and leave you wanting more.

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Koko750 g
AineksetSokeri, kaakaovoi, kaakaomassa, herajauhe (MAITO), rasvaton MAITOJAUHE, MAITORASVA, modifioitu hera (MAITO), emulgointiaine (SOIJALESITIINI), aromit ja mausteet. Maitosuklaa sisältää: vähintään 30% kaakaota, vähintään 14% maitoa. Saattaa sisältää pähkinöitä ja vehnää.
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