Kampanja Lyngrove

Collection Pinotage 6x75 cl 14.5%

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Discover the captivating essence of the Lyngrove Collection Pinotage, an exquisite medium-bodied red wine hailing from the picturesque vineyards of South Africa’s Stellenbosch region. Crafted to perfection, this wine offers a truly exceptional taste experience that will leave your palate enchanted.

With a sweetness level of 2.1 g/l, the Lyngrove Collection Pinotage unveils a symphony of scents that evoke violet notes intertwined with the delicate allure of small red fruits. This aromatic masterpiece sets the stage for a sensory journey like no other.

The artistry of winemaking shines through the harmonious blend of Sangiovese and Pinotage grapes, creating a wine that strikes the perfect equilibrium between elegant tannins and invigorating freshness. This balance is the essence of the Lyngrove Collection Pinotage, rendering it impeccably smooth and harmoniously well-rounded.

Delighting the palate, this wine presents a medley of flavors that entice and intrigue. Savory notes of ripe red berries intertwine with the lusciousness of fresh plum and raspberry, while subtle nuances of toffee vanilla add a touch of indulgence. A juicy, medium-bodied character is illuminated by a bright fruit-driven style that defines this wine’s youthfulness and exuberance.

Pairing seamlessly with a variety of culinary delights, from sizzling barbeques to delectable pizzas, versatile buffet spreads, and the richness of venison, the Lyngrove Collection Pinotage is an impeccable choice. Its dynamic character is further enriched by warm spices, enhancing every flavor combination.

Crafted for enjoyment in its youthful prime, this wine encapsulates the vibrancy and vivacity of South African winemaking. Embark on a journey of taste, where the Lyngrove Collection Pinotage transports you to the heart of Stellenbosch, capturing the essence of the land, the grape, and the masterful art of winemaking in every sip.

Rypäle: Pinotage
Alue: Stellenbosch
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Koko450 cl
Alkoholipitoisuus14.5 %