Alcohol Free 6x4x33 cl 0.0%

21,90 1L / 2,77 €

Heineken 0.0% is a non-alcoholic beer that delivers the same crisp and refreshing taste as its alcoholic counterpart. Brewed with high-quality ingredients and the expertise of the renowned Heineken brewery, this alcohol-free beer offers a satisfying and enjoyable drinking experience.

With its iconic green bottle and golden color, Heineken 0.0% exudes the classic Heineken look. The aroma is reminiscent of grains and hops, while the flavor profile showcases a well-balanced blend of malt sweetness and hop bitterness. The smooth and clean finish leaves a refreshing sensation on the palate.

Heineken 0.0% is the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy the distinct taste of Heineken beer without the alcohol. Whether you’re driving, seeking a healthier option, or simply prefer non-alcoholic beverages, this alcohol-free beer allows you to savor the Heineken experience at any time.

Embrace the flavor and craftsmanship of Heineken 0.0%, and raise a glass to a delightful and alcohol-free beer that never compromises on taste.

Kullankeltainen, keskitäyteläinen, keskiasteisesti humaloitu, viljainen, hennon yrttinen
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Koko792 cl
Alkoholipitoisuus0.0 %
TuotetyyppiAlkoholiton olut
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