Fruit bubble gum 80 g

1,95 1kg / 24,38 €

Fini Fruit Bubble Gum is a delightful and fruity bubble gum treat produced by Fini, a popular confectionery brand. This bubble gum offers a burst of fruity flavors, creating a fun and flavorful chewing experience.

The Fruit Bubble Gum comes in small, individually wrapped pieces that are filled with a variety of fruity flavors. Each piece of gum offers a different fruit flavor, such as strawberry, apple, orange, cherry, or other delicious options.

Fini is known for its creative and flavorful candies, and the Fruit Bubble Gum is designed to capture the essence of various fruits. The fruity flavors are vibrant, juicy, and sweet, providing a delightful taste sensation as you chew on the gum.

This bubble gum is perfect for those who enjoy a variety of fruit flavors and the fun of chewing gum. It’s great for sharing with friends, using as a party favor, or simply enjoying as a treat for yourself.

Experience the joy and fruity flavors of Fini Fruit Bubble Gum, and let each piece of gum bring you moments of pure delight. The assortment of fruit flavors is a testament to Fini’s commitment to creating innovative and enjoyable confectionery treats that satisfy your fruity cravings.

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