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Mixed Fruit Drops Sugarfree 175 g

2,60 1kg / 14,86 €

Experience the delectable flavors of an assortment of fruits with Cavendish & Harvey Mixed Fruit Drops Sugarfree. These delightful hard candies offer a burst of fruity goodness without the added sugar, making them a guilt-free treat for those watching their sugar intake.

Individually wrapped in an elegant tin, each candy is carefully crafted to deliver the authentic taste of mixed fruits. The vibrant colors of the candies reflect the variety of flavors that await you inside.

As you unwrap each candy, you’ll be greeted with a medley of fruity aromas. The flavors of ripe berries, tangy citrus fruits, and luscious tropical fruits dance on your palate, creating a symphony of taste sensations. Despite being sugar-free, these candies maintain their delightful sweetness through the use of high-quality, sugar-free sweeteners.

Cavendish & Harvey is renowned for their commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With over 80 years of confectionery expertise, they have perfected the art of creating sugar-free candies that don’t compromise on taste. The Mixed Fruit Drops Sugarfree are a testament to their dedication, offering a guilt-free indulgence for fruit lovers.

These Mixed Fruit Drops Sugarfree are perfect for those who are mindful of their sugar intake. Whether you’re following a sugar-restricted diet or simply prefer a sugar-free option, these candies provide a satisfying burst of fruity flavor without the added sugar. Enjoy them anytime, anywhere, and savor the natural goodness of mixed fruits.

With Cavendish & Harvey Mixed Fruit Drops Sugarfree, you can enjoy a delightful assortment of fruit flavors without the guilt. Indulge in the sweetness of ripe fruits, savor the burst of flavors, and let each candy brighten your day. It’s the perfect choice for a guilt-free, flavorful treat.

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Koko175 g
AineksetMakeutusaineet: sokerin korvike, maliittisiirappi, happo: sitruunahappo, maitohappo, kasviuutteiden väritys (keltainen porkkana, musta porkkana, punajuuri), kirsikkamehutiiviste, luonnolliset aromit, makeutusaineet: asesulfaami K.Voi sisältää pieniä määriä maitoa. Liiallisella kulutuksella voi olla laksatiivisia vaikutuksia
TuotetyyppiTikkarit ja karamellit
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