Calvin Klein

CK Defy Deo Stick 75 ml

20,90 1L / 278,67 €

Introducing Calvin Klein ”CK Defy Deo Stick” – a reliable and long-lasting deodorant stick designed for men who embrace the spirit of confidence and daring. Experience all-day freshness and protection with this essential grooming accessory.

CK Defy Deo Stick by Calvin Klein is meticulously crafted to provide effective odor control and a subtle fragrance. It is designed for men who appreciate a dependable deodorant option that matches their bold and adventurous nature.

The formula of CK Defy Deo Stick offers long-lasting odor protection without compromising on skin comfort. It glides on smoothly, providing a refreshing and invigorating sensation while keeping you feeling dry and confident throughout the day.

With its convenient stick applicator, this deodorant ensures easy and precise application. It leaves no sticky residue and is suitable for all skin types.

Experience the reliability and freshness of Calvin Klein CK Defy Deo Stick. Embrace the confidence of feeling protected and ready to defy expectations.

Product Details:

– Gender: Men
– Form: Deo Stick
– Odor Protection: Long-lasting
– Suitable for: All skin types

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