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Jaloviina Hanki is like a fresh winter breeze, with peppermint and spruce. The Finnish word “Hanki” refers to a snow-covered landscape. Jaloviina Hanki is an ode to the winter traditions, bringing new freshness to the traditional Jaloviina flavour. Jaloviina is made from cognac and vodka, it is a unique drink of Finnish origin, the like of which cannot be found anywhere in the world. Jaloviina Hanki has fresh peppermint taste with sweet toffee caramel, light pine notes and a hint of vanilla.
Jaloviina Hanki is a Finnish drink that has achieved cult status due to its unique flavor and origin story. It is made from high-quality grape-based spirit infused with carefully selected herbs and spices.

Jaloviina Hanki offers an exceptional taste experience. It has a rich flavor profile, where fruity notes, herbs, and spices intertwine into a harmonious combination. Each sip reveals deeper layers of flavor that transport you closer to the Finnish nature.

This drink can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Some prefer it neat, while others add ice cubes or use it in cocktails. Whether you choose to drink Hanki in a traditional manner or experiment with new and exciting recipes, this drink always provides enjoyment.

Discover the distinctive flavor of Jaloviina Hanki and immerse yourself in the cultural heritage of Finnish beverages. Raise a glass and toast to the taste and traditions of this cult drink. Experience the authenticity of Jaloviina Hanki and enjoy the delicious value of this special drink!

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Size50 cl
Alc. content30.0 %
Origin countryFinland
Product typeOther liqueur
PackagingGlass bottle
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