Nordic Dry Gin 50 cl 44.9%

29,90 1L / 59,80 €

We wanted to create the ultimate Nordic gin! The recipe is simple, take the best from the classic dry gins such as juniper, coriander and Pomerance. Combine it with Nordic coastal botanicals from the Skagerrak region, like elderflower, chamomile, rosehip and Buckthorn. Twist it with savoury notes from unique distillate of seaweed and add the Nordic classics, angelica root and caraway – and finally ask six of the best Nordic bartenders to help compose the elements, into the perfect balance for classic gin cocktails. A new classic is made.

Bright and crisp with flavors of fresh juniper and citrus. Balanced with elegant floral and herbal notes. Nose of fresh juniper, citrus and floral notes, with a hint of sea.
Product code244006
Size50 cl
Alc. content44.9 %
Origin countryNorway
Product typeGin
PackagingGlass bottle
Total29.9 €