Silk Performance Mascara 38°C Black 6 ml

17,90 1L / 2 983,33 €

The Sensai Silk Performance Mascara 38°C in Black is a high-performance mascara designed to provide volume, length, and definition to your lashes while also offering long-lasting wear.

The “38°C” in the product name refers to its unique formulation that is resistant to water, smudging, and flaking at approximately 38°C (body temperature). This means that the mascara is formulated to stay in place even in conditions where you might perspire or come into contact with water.

The mascara’s black shade is designed to provide intense color payoff, enhancing the depth and richness of your lashes. It helps to create a bold and dramatic look, making your lashes stand out.

The formula is enriched with Silk Powder and other nourishing ingredients that help condition and protect your lashes. This can be particularly beneficial for maintaining lash health and preventing dryness or damage from mascara application.

The mascara’s brush is designed to coat each lash evenly, helping to separate, lengthen, and volumize for a wide-eyed and lifted appearance. The combination of the innovative formula and the carefully designed brush allows you to achieve a professional-looking finish.

To use the Sensai Silk Performance Mascara 38°C in Black, simply apply it to your lashes from the base to the tips using a gentle zigzag motion. You can layer the mascara for more volume and intensity, and it’s suitable for both everyday looks and special occasions.

If you’re seeking a mascara that provides long-lasting wear, intense black color, and lash-enhancing benefits, the Sensai Silk Performance Mascara 38°C in Black could be a great addition to your makeup collection.

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Product code29435
Size6 ml
Origin countryJapan
Product typeMascaras
Total17.9 €