Saaremaa Vodka

Vodka 10x50 cl 40.0%

64,90 1L / 12,98 €

Saaremaa Vodka is a premium class vodka. Saaremaa is made using environmentally friendly spirit, exceptionally pure raw materials and silver filtration. The raw material for the spirits is specially bred for the Nordic countries, which is almost free of fatty oils that create off-flavors and odors. The spirit is produced in one of the most modern distilleries in the Nordic countries by the continuous distillation method. The process, which lasts for about 50 hours, removes all additives that ensure the purity of the spirit. The resulting spirit is mixed with naturally filtered crystal clear water and purified with silver in addition to the carbon filter. Saaremaa Vodka can be enjoyed as an ice-cold independent drink, but it is also perfect as a base drink for various cocktails.

Colourless, warm, neutral
Product code219357
Size500 cl
Alc. content40.0 %
Origin countryEstonia
Product typeVodka
PackagingPET bottle
Total64.9 €