XO 4x100 cl 36.0%

85,90 1L / 21,48 €

The first Ibis brandy was made as early as 1886. As a traveling man, Joseph Gautier mixed up a brandy that, in his view, would be suitable for representing everything about France. The eaux de vie comes exclusively from the best French wine regions, including the famous Cognac region. Brandy with an improved recipe – a dignified drink with a delicate taste unique to Ibis, with intense fruit aromas (pear, quince) and vanilla and honey notes. The Ibis XO brand is suitable for enjoyment at room temperature alone or as an ingredient in a cocktail.

Golden-yellow, light, youngish, warm, fruity, hint of honey, spicy, light flowery notes
Product code926494
Size400 cl
Alc. content36.0 %
Origin countryFrance
Product typeBrandy
PackagingGlass bottle
Total85.9 €