Asti Spumante 75 cl 7.0%

108,79  SEK9,90 1L / 13,20 €

Indulge in the enchanting flavors of Acquesi Asti Spumante, a sparkling delight that captures the essence of Italy’s Piedmont region and the artistry of winemaking that spans generations.

With a sweetness level of 95 g/l, Acquesi Asti Spumante unveils an exquisite bouquet of elegant floral and fruity notes. Delight in the essence of granny smith apples and the delicate touch of verbena-style flowers that dance on the palate. This Asti presents itself in a delicate pale yellow hue, accompanied by an inviting perlage that hints at the lively effervescence within.

Crafted from a thoughtful blend of Garancha, Trepat, Monastrell, and Moscato Bianco grapes, Acquesi Asti Spumante offers an extraordinary tasting experience. Its delicate persistent bubbles evoke a sense of celebration, while the balanced acidity and delicate mousse contribute to a refreshing and harmonious palate. The wine’s exquisite finish is a testament to its intricate flavors, characterized by the interplay of honey, peach, and a subtle touch of citrus.

Acquesi, founded in the charming Acqui Terme of Piedmont in 1952, has breathed new life into its legacy while preserving the unique qualities of local grape varieties. The elegant floral design adorning the bottle pays homage to the captivating liberty style era of the early 1900s in Turin, Italy.

Experience the allure of Acquesi Asti Spumante, where every sip transports you to the scenic landscapes and rich history of Piedmont. This sparkling wine is a delightful companion to a variety of occasions, from indulgent desserts to flavorful Asian cuisine. Elevate your moments with the effervescent charm of Acquesi Asti Spumante, a true embodiment of Italian craftsmanship and passion.

Druva: Moscato Bianco
Vinregion: Piedmont
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Storlek75 cl
Alkoholhalt7.0 %
Totalt9.9 €108,79 SEK