PyyGin 50 cl 45.0%

31,90 1L / 63,80 €

Teerenpeli PyyGin is a special gin crafted with care and respect for traditions. This Finnish gin reflects Teerenpeli Brewery’s uncompromising attitude and commitment to producing quality beverages.

Teerenpeli PyyGin is made with carefully selected botanical ingredients, each contributing its own nuances and flavors to the drink. It is meticulously balanced and distilled to ensure that its flavors and aromas are in perfect harmony.

The aroma of PyyGin is inviting and fresh, with hints of forest pine combined with citrus and spice notes. The taste is multi-dimensional and well-balanced, offering abundant forest and floral undertones that blend skillfully with the freshness of spices and citrus.

Teerenpeli PyyGin is a versatile gin that can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or mixed into various cocktails. Its unique character and Finnish origin make it an intriguing choice for gin enthusiasts and anyone who appreciates quality beverages.

By entering the world of Teerenpeli PyyGin, you give yourself the opportunity to experience flavors inspired by Finnish craftsmanship and nature. Enjoy the distinctive character of this excellent gin and let it transport you to the landscapes of forests and lakes.

Alue: Finland
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Koko50 cl
Alkoholipitoisuus45.0 %
Yhteensä31.9 €