Kampanja Saaremaa

Gin RHU 50 cl 37.5%

Normaali hinta10,51  10,50 1L / 21,00 €

Saaremaa Gin Rabarber combines the exceptional quality of Saaremaa Gin with the delightful flavor of rhubarb. Crafted with care, this gin captures the essence of the idyllic Saaremaa island in Estonia, infusing it with the tart and refreshing taste of rhubarb.

The Saaremaa Gin Rabarber showcases a balanced and harmonious blend of botanicals, including juniper berries and other carefully selected ingredients, complemented by the distinctive flavor of rhubarb. The result is a gin that offers a unique and invigorating taste experience.

Enjoy Saaremaa Gin Rabarber neat, over ice, or mixed into your favorite cocktails. Its vibrant and tangy profile adds a refreshing twist to classic gin-based drinks, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a flavor adventure.

Experience the spirit of Saaremaa with Saaremaa Gin Rabarber and indulge in the captivating combination of premium gin and the tantalizing taste of rhubarb.

Vaaleanpunainen, makeahko, pehmeä, raparperinen, kevyen ginimausteinen, hennon kukkainen
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Koko50 cl
Alkoholipitoisuus37.5 %
Yhteensä10.5 €