PET 4x50 cl 28.0%

32,40 1L / 16,20 €

Jalokahvi is a delightful and a beloved Finnish coffee liqueur. Each PET bottle contains the rich and aromatic Jalokahvi liqueur, allowing you to enjoy its indulgent flavors whenever and wherever you desire.

Jalokahvi is crafted with the finest ingredients, including high-quality coffee beans, to create a smooth and harmonious taste experience. The combination of rich coffee notes, hints of chocolate, and a touch of sweetness makes Jalokahvi a true delight for coffee and liqueur enthusiasts alike.

The practical PET packaging ensures the preservation of the liqueur’s freshness and allows for easy portability. Whether enjoyed on its own, poured over ice, or mixed into creative cocktails and desserts, Jalokahvi is the perfect companion for any occasion.

Indulge in the irresistible allure of Jalokahvi and savor the exquisite flavors of this Finnish coffee liqueur in the convenient PET packaging.”

Kuparinruskea, keskitäyteläinen, lämmin, konjakkimainen, kahvinpapuarominen
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Koko200 cl
Alkoholipitoisuus28.0 %
TuotetyyppiMaustetut viinat
PakkausPET pullo
Yhteensä32.4 €