Kampanja Campo Pietra

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Embark on a sensory journey through the heart of Italy’s winemaking heritage with Campo Pietra, a captivating full-bodied red wine that encapsulates the essence of Italian craftsmanship. With a perfect balance between immediate gratification and aging potential, Campo Pietra promises a remarkable wine experience that harmoniously marries tradition and innovation.

This exquisite red wine boasts a sweetness level of 9.5 g/l, delivering a symphony of flavors that dance on the palate. The intricate fusion of ripe blackberry, spirited cherries, and luxurious plum’s jam takes center stage, while subtle whispers of elegant spices linger in the background, adding an alluring depth.

The meticulous selection of Primitivo and Negroamaro grapes imparts authenticity and character to Campo Pietra. Its full-bodied profile is a testament to the dedication poured into every bottle, enveloping your senses in warmth and roundness. The tannins, soft and balanced, caress the palate, elevating the wine’s velvety texture and enhancing the overall enjoyment.

Hailing from the Southern part of Italy, Campo Pietra draws inspiration from the region’s rich winemaking heritage. Crafted from dried grapes, hand-selected bunches undergo a transformative drying process, taking place within the same baskets they were gently harvested into during September. This meticulous method, lasting until the grapes shed 50% of their weight, results in an intensified concentration of flavors and aromas that truly capture the essence of the terroir.

Elevating its appeal further, Campo Pietra proudly boasts organic certification, a testament to the commitment to sustainable practices. Whether paired with hearty pork, succulent beef, smoky barbeque, or an array of cheeses, Campo Pietra’s versatility is an invitation to elevate your culinary experiences.

Experience the artistry of Campo Pietra – an enchanting expression of Italy’s winemaking traditions, echoing through every sip with its rich, warm mouthfeel and balanced tannins.

Rypäle: Primitivo, Negroamaro
Alue: Italy
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