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Sweet offers for Valentine’s Day. Surprise your friends with a fun party and give them sweet gifts from Tallink Pre-Order.

In the heart of Fazer´s red-and-white striped Marianne candies is a melting dark chocolate that melts the heart of every Finnish friend since 1949.

Kalev’s selection has been in the heart of every Estonian since 1945. In our selection you will find dark chocolate with nuts, white chocolate bars with blueberries and strawberries and Kalev’s most milky Annekese chocolate is a perfect gift for all friends named Anne.

Award-winning blackcurrant and cherry-flavored Riga balsams are available in Tallink Pre-Order next to the traditional Riga Black Balsam, which all can be enjoyed either in pure form or in cocktails.

When having winter outdoor activities with friends, enjoy the Jägermeister´s natural herb liqueur, which has a unique flavor of 56 spices that makes the body feel warm in the cool weather.

Tallink Pre-Order wishes you many friendly offers!

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