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Smokehead Rock Edition II 100 cl 46.6%


Smokehead  Rock Edition II 100 cl 46.6%


Smokehead Rock Edition II 100 cl 46.6%


From the beautiful Isle of Islay, the Smokehead Rock Edition II is released following the success of the first edition. Its extraordinary packaging with a smoking skull holds an excellent single malt that is hugely peaty with a nice depth and fullness.

Aroma: The smoky blast dominates, both burning peat and BBQ char, keep nosing and there is a complex depth, notes of malt, lime and pine
Taste: Big, full of peat smoke coats the mouth, a citrus kick and botanical edge make an intense experience
Colour: Golden amber
Finish: The smoke lingers, even builds, with toasted nuts & toffee sweetness

Product code
Price per litre
62.90 €
100 cl
Alcohol content
46.6 %

62.90 €

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