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Saaremaa Vodka 10x50 cl 40%

Saaremaa Vodka   10x50 cl 40%

Saaremaa Vodka

Saaremaa Vodka 10x50 cl 40%


Saaremaa Vodka is a premium class spirit inspired by the untouched nature and iconic windmills of the largest island in Estonia.

In the eco-friendly production of the vodka, only the purest Nordic ingredients are used with no added sugar. The pure water from the deep Cambrian–Vendian layer is paired with the resilient six-row barley, to ensure a limited grainy side taste and aroma.

This fine spirit is distilled 250 times and refined through silver filters to arrive at an extremely smooth and silky soft flavour.

Product code
Price per litre
13.98 €
500 cl
Alcohol content
40 %

69.90 €

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