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Montgravet Sauvignon Blanc Tallink 6x75 cl 11,5%


Montgravet  Sauvignon Blanc Tallink 6x75 cl 11,5%


Montgravet Sauvignon Blanc Tallink 6x75 cl 11,5%

White wine | France, Gascogne

    • ORIGIN: France
    • REGION: Gascogne
    • GRAPES: Sauvignon Blanc

    STORY: The sun-drenched days in Southern France make for a great environment for grapes to grow and ripen. During the nights, the cool and moist ocean winds from the Atlantic Ocean help the grapes develop their wonderful fruit aromas. The soil consists of mostly clay and gravel, and water is stored in the soil during the wetter spring time. During the hot and dry summer moisture is then released from the soil for the vines to use.  The name of the wine is derived from “mont”, which are the southern faced slopes of the vineyards and “gravet”, which is what the soil is called locally.

    WINE MAKING: The grapes first undergo a six hour skin contact fermentation to extract as much of the fruit aromas as possible. After fermentation the wine is left to rest on the lees for three months, further enhancing the smoothness and texture of the wine.

    FOOD PAIRING: This smooth wine with intense flavors of fruit pairs wonderfully with salads and different fish and seafood dishes.

    Serving temperature: 6-8 oC.

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11,5 %

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