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Koskenkorva Vodka 4x100 cl 40%

Koskenkorva  Vodka  4x100 cl 40%


Koskenkorva Vodka 4x100 cl 40%

Vodka | Finland

Koskenkorva Vodka (40%) is the most popular vodka in Finland and the fastest growing imported vodka in Sweden.

The ingredients of this premium spirit are well-selected Finnish barley and pure spring water from the gravelly Salpausselkä hills. The Koskenkorva brand is simple, honest and genuine – similar to the Finnish way of life.

On the palate, Koskenkorva Vodka is dry and warm with a hint of grain. Serve as a base for cocktails and long drinks.

Product code
Price per litre
22.48 €
400 cl
Alcohol content
40 %

89.90 €

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