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Finlandia Vodka 100 cl 40%

Finlandia  Vodka 100 cl 40%


Finlandia Vodka 100 cl 40%

Vodka | Finland

In «Die Another Day» James Bond enjoyed the company of Finlandia, a premium Finnish vodka that has found its way from a tiny Koskenkorva village to the top shelves of bars across the world.

Finlandia is made from glacial spring water so clean, it doesn’t need to be filtered or chemically treated. The quality six-row Finnish barley is distilled into a neutral spirit through continuous multi-pressure distillation system to give the vodka its extra smoothness.

The vodka boasts an exceptionally tender and light taste with delicate hints of pepper.

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Price per litre
17.90 €
100 cl
Alcohol content
40 %

17.90 €

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