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Aurea Blanc de Blanc Spumante Brut Tallink 75 cl 11,5%


Aurea  Blanc de Blanc Spumante Brut Tallink 75 cl 11,5%


Aurea Blanc de Blanc Spumante Brut Tallink 75 cl 11,5%

Sparkling wine | Italy, Veneto

  • ORIGIN: Italy
  • REGION: Veneto
  • GRAPES: Glera, Trebbiano, Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco

STORY: Devoted to wine culture for many generations, the Moretti Polegato family has hand-crafted the traditional winemaking with modern approach around the historical Villa Sandi, which dates back to 1622 and is nowadays the headquarter of their wine empire. Located in the heart of Valdobbiadene area, well renowned for the production of top quality prosecco, Villa Sandi stands at the forefront of making elegant sparkling wines with fresh, flowery and fruity notes, that makes it unique. La Gioiosa is part of the Villa Sandi portfolio, dedicated to high-end customers.

WINE MAKING: Freshly picked grapes are gently pressed to get the first run juice, which is fast cooled to 0C and stored into temperature controlled tanks, until it is blended and used for the secondary fermentation of this delicate sparkling wine. In this unique way, La Gioiosa preserves the utmost freshness and essence of the territory throughout the year, like it was pressed and produced from freshly picked grapes, every single time.

FOOD PAIRING: Excellent as an aperitif, a sparkling for celebration, or, at any time of the day. For food pairing, mouthwatering match with raw shellfish and fresh seafood, ham and melon.

Serve chilled at 6-8° C.

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10.53 €
75 cl
Alcohol content
11,5 %

7.90 €

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