Allegranza Tempranillo-Shiraz Tallink 450 cl 14% | Tallink Pre-Order

Allegranza Tempranillo-Shiraz Tallink 6x75 cl 14%


Allegranza  Tempranillo-Shiraz Tallink 6x75 cl 14%


Allegranza Tempranillo-Shiraz Tallink 6x75 cl 14%

Red wine | Spain, Castilla La Mancha

    • ORIGIN: Spain
    • REGION: Castilla La Mancha
    • GRAPES: Tempranillo, Shiraz

    STORY: Our winemakers search out only the oldest and finest vineyards around Spain. The old vines from our collection Allegranza came from Spanish wine regions that have been making wines for more than 2000 years. Allegranza is our tribute to life – it represents the joy of seeing beauty in every day little things.

    WINE MAKING: Allegranza is made with carefully selected Tempranillo and Shiraz grapes, from the best bush vines, aged over 30 years old. It’s aged four months in French oak barrels. This gives gentle touch of oak that enhance, but do not overpower the fruitiness, rather keeps the wine fresh and fruity. Carefully selected grapes, 80% Tempranillo, 20% Shiraz. Cold maceration for 48h at 5º.  Fermentation at 24-28º for 12-18 days. Aged four months in 100% French oak barrels.

    FOOD PAIRING: A very fresh and fruity, it is perfect to enjoy at any time and occasion. It is also great to combine with grilled meat or roast beef, accompanied with grilled mushrooms with butter. Also great with poultry. Its fruitiness makes good to highlight the spiciness of Asian cuisine.

    Serving temperature: 14-15°C.

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450 cl
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14 %

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