Silja Serenade shopping cruise 24.6-31.7

The sea, the sun, the warm wind – this is the perfect summer. Enjoy your cruise and make your shopping comfortable in advance. From the Pre-Order shopping environment, you can conveniently order all refreshing drinks for the summer before the trip. In the selection you will find various special offers for both holidays and weekday evenings.

Enjoy you cruise and pre-order larger purchases from the Pre-Order online store. It is now possible to pre-order goods for Silja Serenade’s Helsinki-Mariehamn-Helsinki Car Shopping Cruises taking place on 24.6-31.7.2021. Park your car on the ship and please bear in mind that you cannot drive ashore in Marihamn.

Don’t forget that as a Club One customer, you earn bonus points for your purchases, which you can use in the Tallink webshop and on future trips.

Please bear in mind that the selection in the webshop and on board shop can vary. When you preorder online you will have a larger selection and you will also get a 40 € discount if your purchase is over 500 €.