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Charmant 2x75 cl 11.0%

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Indulge in the allure of Törley Charmant Sweet, a sparkling gem that embodies the essence of Hungary’s Etyek Budai region. This ready-to-drink delight, with a sweetness level of 65 g/l, promises a journey of pure indulgence, highlighted by its vibrant effervescence.

Törley Charmant Sweet stands as the epitome of sparkling wine excellence, renowned as the best-known, most beloved, and market-leading brand from Törley. The liquid within displays a pleasant, typical sparkling wine hue that sparkles with intense fizz, setting the stage for a truly enchanting experience.

Both aroma and taste are a celebration of candied fruits, creating a symphony that delights the senses. This sparkling gem is an exquisite orchestration of flavor, with every sip offering an invitation to savor the richness of the Zinfandel Blend grapes.

As you explore, a humble muscaty note graces the palate, adding a touch of complexity to the already indulgent profile. A wine crafted to perfection, Törley Charmant Sweet is a reflection of tradition and quality, a testament to over 125 years of winemaking expertise.

Pair this delight with appetizers, desserts, fruits, and refreshing salads, and watch as it enhances the flavors of each bite. Whether you’re celebrating or simply indulging, Törley Charmant Sweet elevates your dining moments with its luscious sweetness and lively effervescence.

Törley, with its annual production of 10-12 million bottles, remains the undisputed leader in the domestic market, commanding a remarkable 35% market share. Across Hungary and beyond, Törley sparkling wines have captured the hearts and palates of wine enthusiasts, a legacy that continues to shine for over a century.

With every bottle of Törley Charmant Sweet, you’re not just enjoying a sparkling wine, you’re embracing a legacy of taste, tradition, and excellence that has been cherished for generations. Raise your glass to indulgence, to taste, and to the magic of sparkling delights.

Region: Etyek Buda

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Product code565845
Size150 cl
Alc. content11.0 %
Origin countryHungary
Sweetness levelSweet
Product typeOther Sparkling wines
PackagingGlass bottle
Total9.2 €