British Dry 24x33 cl 5.0%

22,90 1L / 2,89 €

Strongbow is the world’s number 1 cider brand. The original dry cider has been one of the UK’s favourites for 50 years and is now joined by a range of flavours to suit all preferences. Named after the nickname given to one of England’s greatest knights, Richard De Clare, Strongbow was launched in the UK in 1960 by H.P. Bulmer. The dry cider quickly grew to become one of the most popular in the country. While Strongbow remains true to its English heritage, it is now brewed locally in many countries all over the world.
Made with apples from the orchard, Strongbow creates refreshing ways for you to connect with nature. Whether you’re having a chilled night in, or you’re out celebrating, grab ice-cold Strongbow ciders and enjoy the refreshing times with friends. Strongbow, Refreshing By Nature. Enjoy responsibly.

Product code748673
Size792 cl
Alc. content5.0 %
Origin countryBelgium
Product typeCider
Total22.9 €