Export 24x33 cl 4.7%

15,90 1L / 2,01 €

The beer is golden yellow and its foam is dense and long-lasting. The intensity of the aromas is moderate with hints of the light biscuit aroma generated by the roasted malt and the citrusy and flowery nuances of the hops. The flavour of Sandels is light and dry, a combination of the light roasted malt and the bitterness of hops with a light citrus note in the aftertaste.

Sandels is a real Finnish classic, which has gathered fame among their beer experts since 1971. Sandels is named after the legendary Finnish colonel who was known for his love of good food and drink, but even more so for his bravery and cold-bloodedness in battle.
Product code700401
Size792 cl
Alc. content4.7 %
Origin countryFinland
Product typeBeer
Total15.9 €