Russian Standard

Platinum 4×100 cl 400cl 40.0%

145,90 1L / 36,48 €

Russian Standard Platinum is a vodka for people who desire perfection. This spirit is perfectly pure, perfectly cool and perfectly even with an incredibly stylish and modern taste profile.

The vodka creation complies with Mendeleev’s 1894 standards that identified the perfect balance between water and alcohol. Only local ingredients with the soft waters of Lake Ladoga meeting Russia’s finest winter wheat.

After quadruple distillation, the vodka is filtered four times through Russian birch charcoal and silver filtered twice for the perfect smoothness and refinement.Colourless, dry, soft, smooth, neutral, elegant

Product code916133
Size400 cl
Alc. content40.0 %
Origin countryRussian Federation
Product typeVodka
Total145.90 €