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Viina PET 100 cl 38.0%

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Koskenkorva is a well-known vodka brand of Finnish origin, renowned for its purity and quality. This vodka is made from high-quality Finnish barley and distilled with pure Arctic water, creating an exceptional drinking experience.

Koskenkorva vodka is known for its smooth and neutral taste, allowing it to be versatile and suitable for various drink recipes. Whether it’s classic cocktails, mixed drinks, or simply enjoyed neat, Koskenkorva vodka always delivers a high-quality and enjoyable drinking experience.

Vodka is also a significant part of Finnish culture and traditions, often considered a symbol of the country. Koskenkorva vodka is particularly recognized for its high level of purity, as it undergoes multiple distillations and careful filtration to ensure an exceptionally clean taste.

Whether you wish to enjoy it in the company of friends or have a relaxing evening at home, Koskenkorva vodka offers you a superb drinking experience while representing the tradition of Finnish vodka. Discover the taste of Finnish purity and quality with Koskenkorva vodka and savor its distinctive clean and smooth flavor.

Colourless, dry, warm, hint of grain

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Product code232425
Size100 cl
Alc. content38.0 %
Origin countryFinland
Product typeVodka
PackagingPET bottle
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