Sauna Barrel 4×100 cl 400cl 37.5%

93,90 1L / 23,48 €

The idea for Sauna Barrel emerged from the smoky heat of an old smoke sauna in the village of Koskenkorva. The result is an very interesting barrel-aged vodka that has the a light taste of bourbon. Koskenkorva Sauna Barrel is made from vodka distilled in the Koskenkorva village and aged in oak barrels. It has a light taste of bourbon with a hint of tar & smoke. It is great on any evening, on the rocks or as a simple cocktail with coke.Pale yellow, dryish, soft, smooth, light tar notes, hint of eucalyptus, oak notes

Product code730005
Size400 cl
Alc. content37.5 %
Origin countryFinland
Product typeFlavoured Vodka
Total93.90 €