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Salmiakki PET 4x50 cl 30.0%

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Koskenkorva Salmiakki is made from vodka distilled in the Koskenkorva village and then mixed with crystal clear glacial spring water and the best available ingredients. It is a delicious liqueur that has recently won the highest Master award in the Liqueur Master’s in the appreciated confectionary category. Salty liquorice is a very famous sweet in the Nordic countries, especially in Finland. It is called “salmiakki” in the Finnish language. It tastes salty, where the saltiness is balanced by sweet taste of liquorice. Most commonly enjoyed as a shot. It is a great ingredient in warm cocktails, such as hot chocolate.

Black, cloudy, full-bodied, warm, rich salmiak notes
Product code915895
Size200 cl
Alc. content30.0 %
Origin countryFinland
Product typeHerb -, liquorice - and mint liqueurs
PackagingPET bottle
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