Blueberry Juniper 100cl 37.5%

25,90 1L / 25,90 €

Koskenkorva Vodka is made from local barley and distilled through a state of the art continuous distillation process. This is the reason one of the world’s purest ethanols does not require separate carbon filtering. Koskenkorva Blueberry Juniper combines flavors that capture the taste of the unique Scandinavian forests. Its natural blueberry flavors balance the taste of the real herbal juniper berries, and together they bring out the very essence of the northern forests. Natural blueberry and juniper berry flavours with hint of lime. Serve as an ice cold shot or use as an ingredient in delicious cocktails. Try a Koskenkorva Blueberry with a tonic, for example.Colourless, dryish, warm, blueberry notes, juniper berry notes, hint of lime

Product code230001
Size100 cl
Alc. content37.5 %
Origin countryFinland
Product typeFlavoured Vodka
Total25.90 €