JP. Chenet

XO 70 cl 36.0%

17,90 1L / 25,57 €

The JP Chenet wine brand was founded in 1984 in France. Joseph Helfrich designed a unique and distinctive bottle of wine, which he named Josephine. The wine bottle with a curved neck immediately became a consumer favourite, and thus a new wine brand was born, which was named JP Chenet. The brandy aroma has lightly dried oven apple notes and stained oak wood. Brandy with a mild and soft taste and a slightly spicy finish. Good as an aperitif, can be enjoyed neat, on ice or in your favourite cocktail.

Product code229042
Size70 cl
Alc. content36.0 %
Origin countryFrance
Product typeBrandy
PackagingGlass bottle
Total17.9 €